Name - Trev
Place of Birth - Liverpool, Republic of Merseyside
Education - Philosophy degree, classically trained piano, life is a great coach
Instrument - Doefper LMK2+, Korg M3M
Gig - Roxy, Prague 2007
Song - You’ll Never Walk Alone (Gerry & The Pacemakers)
Album - Kind Of Blue (Miles Davis)
Film - The French Connection
Video - Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot)
Book - The Social Contract (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)
Object - iPod Touch
Pet - Pitbull, Tonkinese cats
Drink - Laphroiag, Latte
Food - Sushi (naked)
Place - Driving a Donzi like crazy
Match - Champions League Final 2005
Player - Gerrard, Maradona, Jon Lord
Boots - Adidas Copa Mundial
Shoes - K-Swiss Ariake
Injury - Broken clavicle (twice), hands (six times)
Advice - Don’t go for a 50/50 ball unless you’re 80/20 sure you’re going to win it
Method - Pass & Move