Live dates in Poland and Romania.

Apollo 440 finish new 5th album - ‘The Future’s What It Used To Be’. All songs are performed by the live band with Ewan MacFarlane singing. Guest vocal appearances by Mary Byker and Oleg Mykhailuta (TNMK).

REMIX: Gorchitza Live Project

Remix Ukrainian group Gorchitza Live Project’s track ‘One New Message’


After the success of the live touring, the band return to Apollo Control to write and record the 5th studio album.

Apollo 440 play a 7 gig tour of Ukraine, supported by Ukrainian hip hop band TNMK.

With a new live line up of Noko (guitar), Trevor (keyboards), Howard (vibe-controlling FOH), Ewan MacFarlane (vocals), Cliff Hewitt (drums), Rheinallt 'Rej' Ap Gwynedd (bass) and Ashley K (MPC/keyboards) the band play gigs around Europe. Included are dates in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Albania, Spain, Hungary and Russia.

Apollo 440 play their first live gig in almost 7 years.

Invited to play at a Billy MacKenzie tribute concert at Shepherds Bush Empire in March, the group made up of Noko, Trevor, Cliff Hewitt, Ashley K and Ewan MacFarlane on vocals perform 3 songs including the live debut of the Apollo 440 and Billy Mackenzie collaboration ‘Pain In Any Language’. The song from second LP "Electroglide In Blue" was the last recording Billy completed before his death in 1997 and the charity concert marked the tenth anniversary.

Noko and Brad from electro-rockers Discordinated play a short set of 'death-related' cover-versions at 'Smack Hits II : Songs in the Key Of Death' event at Barden's Boudoir in London.

Noko and Howard collaborate with Norwegian beat-monster Kookie to write the single ‘Here Comes That Day’ for Siouxsie Sioux’s highly acclaimed album ‘MantaRay’. Noko plays guitar and keyboards on the track  and also co-wrote ‘About To Happen’.

Eskimo Disco ‘Robots & Laptop Dancers Make Good Friends’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski record and produce debut album for London-based electro synth rock trio Eskimo Disco. Includes the singles ‘What Is Women’, ‘Japanese Girl’ and ‘Mission Control’. Released on the 54 Records in 2008.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Drive-By Argument ‘Drive-By Argument’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski record and produce self-titled debut album from Scotland based “Epic-Electro-Dance-Rocker’s” Drive-By Argument.
The amazing debut album is eventually released by Lizard King UK in May 2008. Includes the singles ‘The Sega Method’, ‘Sex Lines Are Expensive Comedy’ and ‘Dance Like No-Ones Watching’.

Howard and Ashley Krajewski work with Norwegian band New Violators, recording and mixing 2 tracks over a weekend.
Noko and Th'Ends crew release MXTP-1 mixtape including tracks from their forthcoming LP recorded at Apollo Control.


GAME: Forza Motorsport 2
Write and produce two tracks ‘Rollin’ Down The Highway’ and ‘SolidRockRazorSteel’ for the Xbox 360 driving game, Forza Motorsport 2.

Noko and Mary Byker collaborate on the music for Wella Shockwaves ad launched at NME Awards ceremony.

Apollo 440 collaborate with Echo And The Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch and producer Tim Speed as “The Boot Room All-Stars” to re-work ‘Ring Of Fire’ for the Liverpool FC 2006 FA Cup final song. All artist income from the download sales was donated to The Marina Dalglish Appeal.

440 present the cheque to Kenny Dalglish on the Anfield pitch in front of The Kop.

TV: ‘N’Existe Pas’ is featured on an episode in series 6 of the hit US TV show CSI. A440 also write some exclusive pieces for the show.

TV: Noko and Howard write the new ITV Sport identity sting music.

Noko re-unites with old Escape From New York and EZ Drum and Bass Orchestra partner Snake Plaskett to collaborate with East End MC Trigga-D on an LP of cinematic grime and dubstep  : "Grime Stories" by Th'Ends.

Howard and Ashley Krajewski record and produce 3 tracks by indie band Eight Legs with Producer John Fortis. One of these, ‘Tell Me What Went Wrong’ is later to be found on their debut album released in 2008.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Circlesound ‘Circlesound EP’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski record and produce a 4 song EP from Manchester rock band Circlesound on Reverb Music.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Assembly Now ‘Apollo Control Demo’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski record a 3 song demo of exciting new London band Assembly Now with John Fortis Co-Producing. These demos were later deemed so good that 2 tracks became the double A-side release ‘It’s Magnetic’ / ‘Out On 24s’.


Noko re-unites with Mary Byker, Harry K, Paul Kodish and new bass player Mikey Cusick to write and record an albums worth of new Maximum Roach material with Ashley Krajewski engineering. The group play their first US gigs at Mobfest Festival in Chicago in The Summer and a number of UK gigs opening for the re-formed Jesus Jones.

 Later in the year Kodish joins Pendulum as their full-time drummer.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Jock Scot & Gareth Sager ‘The Caledonian Blues’
Howard, assisted by Ashley Krajewski records and produces experimental poetry album featuring the music by Gareth Sager (of The Pop Group and Rip Rig & Panic fame) and the words of Scottish poet Jock Scot. Released on Invada records.

TV: ‘The Man With The Harmonica’, ‘Christian’ and ‘Suitcase ’88’ are used on episodes in season 3 of hit US TV show CSI.

Trevor writes for and musically directs the soundtrack for The Con PSP game.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Cazals ‘Poor Innocent Boys’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski mix the debut single from Cazals with John Fortis. Released on 1-2-3-4 Records.

REMIX: Marie Miller
Remix Danish singer Marie Miller’s single ‘Playground’ for Small Dog Music.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Art Brut ‘Bang Bang Rock & Roll’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski work with producer John Fortis to mix the debut album from art rockers Art Brut. Featuring the singles ‘Emily Kane’ and ‘Good Weekend’. Released on Fierce Panda.

REMIX: Bodyrockers
Remix Australian band Bodyrockers track ‘I Wanna Live’ for Mercury.


Noko produces and co-writes "Sexy,Sexy,Sexy" single with The Party Monsters featuring Eva Meinhof for Berlin dance label Beauty Case.

Remix is provided by London duo T-Total featuring Tasty Tim and the late Robert Michael (aka Serotina).

Noko and The Party Monsters return the favour later in the year by remixing T-Total's "Beat Me, Bite Me, Whip Me & Fuck Me" for the same label.

GAME: Wipeout Pure PSP
Write 2 exclusive tracks for new PSP version of classic Wipeout game.

Working with producer John Fortis, Howard and Ashley Krajewski record a 5 song demo for London band Dogs. This leads to them being signed to Island records.

GAME: Gran Turismo 4
Write and produce 2 exclusive tracks ‘Hold The Brakes’ and ‘Start The Car’ for the 4th edition of PlayStation driving game Gran Turismo.

Noko writes and produces an LP of new songs with James Maker (ex-Raymonde) including an EP released on Morrissey’s Attack label (I’m Unbearable / Born That Way). The material is debuted when they support The newly reformed New York Dolls at The Royal Festival Hall as part of Meltdown Festival curated by Morrissey. Later on in the year a full live band including Paul Kodish (drums), Simeon Bowring (bass) and Ashley Krajewski (keyboards) open for Morrissey at the Zenith in Paris and the final leg of his UK tour playing gigs at Brighton Centre, Birmingham Exhibition Centre, Dublin’s The Point and culminating in a show at London's Earl's Court.

GAME : Eyetoy: Antigrav
Write and record a complete interactive soundtrack for Playstation 2 Eyetoy: Antigrav, as well as coordinate remixes from Bad Company, Sly Diva, Harry K, Stuart Crichton, A1 People, The Nextmen and Drummatic Twins.

APOLLO CONTROL RECORDING: Cherubs ‘Uncovered By Heartbeat’
Howard and Ashley Krajewski record and produce debut album from 4/5 Norwegian 1/5 English band, released on Cargo Records.

GAME: Hustler Groove is one of the tracks on interactive dancing game Eyetoy: Groove for the Playstation 2.


FILM: Time Is Running Out is featured on the soundtrack to S.W.A.T.
Write with & Produce 3 album tracks for Jeff Beck’s new album ‘Jeff’ - ‘Grease Monkey’, ‘Hot Rod Honeymoon’ and ‘Bottleneck Slide’. Howard provides the vocals on ‘(Take a Ride On My) Bottleneck Slide’.


Double album.

Sleeve Image: Painting ‘Dude Descending Staircase’ (1999) by seminal LA 'Lowbrow' artist Anthony Ausgang.


Featuring The Beatnuts.

Mixes: Stanton Warriors, West London Deep, DND, PlastiqHouse. The Beginerz

Sleeve Image: Detail from Ausgang’s ‘Dude Descending Staircase.’

Video: Animation directed by Simon Henwood, produced by Nexus.

TV Ad: Vauxhall

Noko is involved as producer/musical director for The Prada Meinhof Gang : all-female Art-Terrorist collective including performance/ multi-media installations at Venice Biennalle, Tate Britain, ICA etc and the track "Want Is Your Master" included on the CD comilation that accompanied the 'Music' issue of Modern Painters magazine.


Finish the double album. Guest vocal collaborators include Ewan MacFarlane,   The Beatnuts, Xan,  Jala ‘Lightnin’ Rod’ Nuriddin, Elizabeth Gray, Pete Wylie,  Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell, Tommy Blaize and Jay Dunne from Australian band 28 Days.

440 welcome Engineer Ashley Krajewski to the staff of Apollo Control.

Howard in Roundhouse Studios with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster producing 2 songs - ‘Return December’ & ‘Torrential Abuse’ - recorded & mixed in 3 days.

Disney commission a track for their animated feature film ‘101 Dalmations II.’

440’s reworking of Puretone’s ‘Addicted To Bass’ powers to #2 in the UK chart.

Would have been #1 had someone not mistakenly sold a couple of hundred copies the week before…

Ennio Morricone Remix, ‘The Man With The Harmonica’ used as end titles on an episode of The Sopranos.

Remix Yabby You/Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry - ‘Rally Dub’ for Hamburg-based label Select Cuts for their ‘Select Cuts from Blood & Fire Chapter Two’ album. The CD also features reconstructed versions and remixes of dub classics by Leftfield, Jah Wobble, Black Star Line, Mr Scruff etc.

TV Ad: Coca Cola

US TV Ad: XBox.


Writing and recording the 4th album begins.

440 Remix: The Offspring – ‘Million Miles Away’

Co-write & co-produce single for Australian band 28 Days – ‘Say What’

US TV Ads: Miller Genuine Draft / Oldsmobile.

440 Remix: Lenny Kravitz – ‘Black Velveteen’

TV Ad: Budweiser.


Start writing the 4th album.

Reinvent the new ‘Spider-Man Theme’ for PlayStation.

Noko plays gtr on two tracks,(“Song yet to be Sung” and “King Z”) on Perry Farrell’s first post Jane’s Addiction Solo LP “Songs yet  to be Sung” in PF’s studio in Venice, CA.

440 Remix: Ennio Morricone - ‘The Man With The Harmonica’

440 Remix: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - ‘Two Tribes’ for the film ‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’.

Release 19th Single: CHARLIE’S ANGELS 2000

11th UK Top 40.

Sleeve Image: Angels Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz & Lucy Liu.

Video: Concept by Apollo - Band performance on Apollo’s own massive 50’x70’ US flag, directed by Hutch, intercut with director McG’s race car action sequences from the movie.

Game: FIFA 2000. Tracks continue to feature on gaming soundtracks - but for this one EA also animate Trev, H, Noko and Mary as players, and the Gettin’ High LP gets billboarded round the stadium.

Tour the 8 piece live band in Poland, Japan, Australia (including first live webcast), USA, Europe, and back to their own 50,000 sellout gig in Poland.

Dr. D-Lorean (of A1 People) plays bass on the Eastern European leg.

TV Theme: ITV’s Formula One.  Used for Seasons 00/01/02.


Noko quits Maximum Roach. Replaced by Perry Ap Gwynedd (now with Paul Kodish in Pendulum).

Noko collaborates with old Luxuria partner Howard Devoto on score for short movie ‘Bewitched’ (Dir. Karen Hope).

Release 18th Single: HEART GO BOOM

Vocals: Mary Mary.

B sides: Live versions of ‘Altamont’  & ‘The Machine In The Ghost.’

Sleeve Image: Portrait of original Spaghetti Western actor from the video.

Video: Spaghetti Western homage filmed in a ghost town in southern Spain, directed by Jason Smith. Plot sequel to ‘Stop The Rock’ with return cameo by Karl Leiker.

Tour the 8 piece live band in Turkey, Belgium, Germany, the Reading & Leeds festivals, another two months across Europe, then back to the UK including The Scala.

Kenny Cougar plays bass.


UK LP Chart: #20

The musicians from the live band play on much of the album.

Every track on the album will get license requests for Film/TV/Ads/Games.

Release 17th Single: STOP THE ROCK

10th UK Top 40 / 3rd UK Top 10.

Vocals: Mary Mary.

Mixes: Mint Royale & Gigolo.

Sleeve Image: Illustration by Graham Humphreys of King, the American Red Pit Bull, video star.

Video: Written by Apollo - filmed in South Central & warehouse districts of Los Angeles, directed by David Slade. Nominated as Best Dance Video in the Billboard Video Awards 2000.


440 Remix: Puff Daddy's ‘Come With Me’ feat. Jimmy Page.

SSO Remix: Puff Daddy's ‘Come With Me’ feat. Jimmy Page.

PD’s single enters at #2 the same week as ‘Lost In Space’ enters at #4.

Release 16th Single: LOST IN SPACE

9th UK Top 40 / 2nd UK Top 10 @ #4.

Mixes: Jason Nevins / Lionrock.

Sleeve Image: The Robot from the ‘Lost In Space’ movie.

Video: Band performance & movie footage shot in New York by Imaginary Forces’ Kurt Mattila.

Apollo Control relocates to Kings Cross and work starts on the 3rd album.

SSO Remix: ‘Everlasting’ - the 5th Stealth Sonic Orchestra Manics remix.

440 Remix: James’ ‘Sit Down ’98.’ 440’s mix is the lead track & charts @ #7.

Robbie Williams mimes Noko's guitar riff when the band play Top Of The Pops.

Collaborate with Japanese star Hotei on his tracks ‘Fuck The Fake Star’ and ‘Love Junkie.’

The live line-up record ‘I Feel You’ in one take at Matrix Studios for the Depeche Mode Tribute LP ‘For The Masses.’

‘Krupa’ reaches #7 in the Billboard Dance Chart.

TV Ad: Transco

Collaborate with Morphine/Mark Sandman on a track called ‘This Is Not A Dream.’

TV Ad: Welsh Tourist Board use Stealth Sonic Orchestra Mix of the Manics’ ‘Design For Life.’

Howard & Trevor work on new Manic Street Preachers material (which features on the #1 single ‘If You Tolerate This….’)

TV Theme Tunes: Commissioned to write the theme to the BBC's ‘Pop Zone.’

With ITV's ‘Pulling Power’ and ITV's ‘World Cup’ Apollo have 3 signature tunes on UK TV in the summer of ’98.

Release 15th Single: RENDEZ-VOUS 98 with Jean Michel Jarre.

8th UK Top 40 / UK chart #12.

ITV’s World Cup ’98 Theme.

Video: Shot in Liverpool, London, Japan & Paris.

440 join JMJ for his World Cup closing ceremony concert extravaganza, La Nuit Electronique, on Bastille Day. They perform under the Eiffel Tower in front of over a million people. Spectacular fireworks end the night.

440 & Jean Michel Jarre perform ‘Rendez-Vous ’98’ at FIFA’s World Player Of The Year Awards in France. The audience is comprised almost entirely of world footballing legends including Pele, Ronaldo, Eusebio, Platini & Sir Bobby Charlton.


Tour extensively for most of the year : Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, plus the UK festivals.

U2 invite them to support in Israel on Rosh Hashanah.

The band is an all-live 8 piece outfit with two drummers: Noko (guitar); Trevor (keyboards, inc Keith Emerson's signed original Moog); Mary Mary (vox); Rheinallt 'Rej' Ap Gwynedd (bass); Paul Kodish (drums); Cliff Hewitt (ddrums); Harry K (decks/vox); Howard (vibe controller on out-front live mixing desk)

Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dub @ #15 Billboard Dance Chart.

SSO Remix: Skunk Anansie - ‘Brazen (Weep).’

440 Remix: Jean Michel Jarre - ‘Oxygene 10.’

Release 14th Single: CARRERA RAPIDA

Non Chart eligible.

Limited Edition Double CD Extra : one hour of music and PlayStation Demo.

Simultaneous release with PlayStation’s ‘Rapid Racer.’

Write ‘Rapid Racer’ Soundtrack for PlayStation.

Believed to be the first group to be asked to write an entire Game Soundtrack.

Video Director James Brown wins Best New Director at Music Week Awards for ‘Krupa’ & ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dub.’

Not invited back to the Music Industry Soccer Sixes …..

Release 13th Single: RAW POWER

7th UK Top 40.

Vox: Mary Mary & Harry K.

Sleeve Image: Graham Hill, World Champion Racing Driver.

Video: Filmed on the F1 track at Monza, Italy. Features rare multi-million pound Classic Ferraris, directed by James Brown.

Release 2nd Album: ELECTRO GLIDE IN BLUE

Featured guest vocalists & co-writers include Mary Mary, Elizabeth Gray and  Billy MacKenzie.

Samples Van Halen & Dr John.

Sleeve Image : Burns Slide Guitar

Q : ****

The Independent : album of the week

Muzik : 8/10 - “a  force to be reckoned with”

DJ : 9/10 - "an album of quality and distinction"

Herb Garden : "breathtaking musical work of genius"

NME : "stirring stuff"

Time Out : "absorbing"

The Observer : “a classic”

Every track on the album will get licensed for Film/TV/Ads/Games.

Release 12th Single: AIN'T TALKIN' 'BOUT DUB

6th UK Single /  1st UK Top 10 @ #7

Top 10 hit across Europe.

Vox: Mary Mary (aka Mary Byker - ex Gaye Bykers On Acid)

Samples Van Halen’s ‘Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.’

Mixes: include Armand Van Helden.

Sleeve Image: Jimi Hendrix & Jeremy Thorpe - backstage photo 1967.

Video: Filmed in the Dominican Republic, directed by James Brown.


Noko forms surf-punk-jungle band Maximum Roach with MaryMary and Kodish.

Play first gig @ Harry K’s ‘Christ on a Bike’ club night @ Disgracelands, London N1. 

Defend the Music Industry Soccer Sixes Trophy - and are Runners Up to Reef.

Release 10th & 11th Single: KRUPA

4th & 5th UK Top 40 / #23 and #23

Charts in Germany. Drums by Cliff Hewitt.

Sleeve Image: Frank Sinatra jacking up in his role as the jazz drummer addict in Otto Preminger's 1956 film ‘The Man With The Golden Arm.’

Video: Filmed in legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa’s adopted New York, directed by newcomer James Brown.

TV Ad: Sunkist - results in re-release just a month or so later.

SSO Remix: Manic Street Preachers - Design For Life.

SSO Remix: Manic Street Preachers - Everything Must Go

SSO Remix: Manic Street Preachers - Kevin Carter

SSO Remix: Manic Street Preachers - Motorcycle Emptiness

Apollo’s alter ego - Stealth Sonic Orchestra - first emerges. This orchestral disposition influences the second album, and SSO becomes an ambient guise for remixes.

Apollo Control moves from the church tower to the crossroads of Camden's Parkway.

Trevor & Howard, with Mary Byker, write & produce Liverpool FC's FA Cup Final  single ‘Pass & Move’, which charts at #4.

Champions of the first ever UK Music Industry Soccer Sixes.

Teams include Pulp, Blur, Oasis, Bluetones, Jamiroquai & Reef .


Release debut album: MILLENNIUM FEVER

Collaborators include Karl Leiker & Howard Devoto.

Sleeve Image: Marc Quinn’s celebrated frozen blood head sculpture ‘Self’. Created from several pints of Quinn's own blood, and owned by Saatchi, the sculpture was famously destroyed in 2002 when decorators switched off the electricity by mistake and it melted.

Release 9th Single: DON'T FEAR THE REAPER

3rd UK Top 40.

Cover version of Blue Oyster Cult classic. Vocals by Noko.

Sleeve Image: Rubber Rebel

Video: Filmed inside a gothic London church, directed by Jon Klein.


Release 8th Single: LIQUID COOL

2nd UK Top 40

Noko on vocals.

The first time Apollo's work is remixed by others.

Mixes: Future Sound Of London, Deep Forest, Space and Jah Wobble

Sleeve: The promo is a stunning triplepack gatefold.

Video: Ode to Cryogenics is filmed in a disused Victorian Mental Asylum north of London by Jon Klein. The corridor is a half mile long, rooms are cell-like, and bedside cabinets still bear labels.

TV Theme: NBA adopt ‘Astral America’ for its basketball launch in Japan.

Release 7th Single: ASTRAL AMERICA

1st UK Top 40.

Noko on vocals. Co-writer credits for Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim, and influence by postmodern philosopher Jean Baudrillard.

Sleeve Image: Craig Breedlove, Land Speed Record Holder.

Promo: Picture disc of the Stars & Stripes.

Video: Directed by Dan Fontaine, the band perform on a huge 50’x70’ American flag made for the video. The band keep their flag in a garbage bag and it resurfaces in 2000 for the Charlie’s Angels video.


Release 6th Single: RUMBLE EP

The debut release on Sony .

Mixmag: "indeed the shit. Unquestionably the real deal. Buy or die of shame."

Sign to Sony’s Epic label. Retain their Stealth Sonic Recordings imprint.


Release 5th Single: LOLITA USA 92 / DESTINY CIS 92

Release 4th Single: LOLITA / DESTINY

Release 3rd Single: BLACKOUT


From Apollo Control embark on the first of some 50 remixes over the 90s.

Early work includes two singles for U2, EMF, PWEI, Deep Forest, Scritti Politti & Shabba Ranks. See Remixography.

Release 2nd Single: DESTINY

Release 1st Single: LOLITA

Set up STEALTH SONIC RECORDINGS - an independent label to release their own maverick techno and tracks by other artistes including Stevie Hyper D and Hoodlum Priest.


Apollo 440 originate in Liverpool and set up the first Apollo Control studio in a haunted church tower in Camden, London. Noko and brothers Howard & Trevor Gray set out originally as a quartet with Dr James E Gardner. Jim will leave in ‘93 for an academic life in Music in the US and later NZ.