Show us yer monkey! The Illustrated Ape magazine is hot off the press and hits town on Thursday! The first 200 copies of the magazine come with a free 24 track CD, "Torch Songs and Firehoses" : the words and basso profundo voice of Christian David set to Noko's noir cinematic soundscapes and recorded over a five year period at Apollo Control. Noko plays all instruments. Curated and designed by Jason Atomic and Honey Manko, the 24 songs were each interpreted by 24 international artists (including Anthony Ausgang of "Dude Descending A Staircase" fame) contributing one or two pages each, the end product taking the form of a comic. None of the artists have seen their contributions in narrative context until now. The launch party this Thursday 7th November at Orbital Comics in London is sponsored by Monkey Shoulder Whiskey so the drink will flow and blood will spill and if the apes wanna fight... you'd better let 'em! See ya there! x