July sees the premiere UK screening of "La Proie" (The Prey), French director Éric Valette's movie with score by Noko.

Composed, arranged and produced by Noko, it was recorded and mixed by Ashley Krajewski at Apollo Control in 2011.

The soundtrack relies heavily on Noko's trademark dark cinematic electric and acoustic guitar textures underpinned by extended large-scale orchestral section-work lending gravitas and high-octane momentum to the incessant chase sequences as the film moves towards it's clifftop dénoument.

"La Proie" was Noko's second movie with Monsieur Valette, following on from 2009's "Une Affaire D'Etat" (State Affairs)

Noko played a cameo role in that movie as a street accordionist. This time around, both Noko and orchestra-leader Martin McCarrick feature as harpsichordist and cellist respectively in a prison music recital scene that culminates in a full-scale riot!

Credit : Pauline Pallier

The French-language version was released in Europe in 2011 but this is the first time an English-subtitled version has been seen.

Soundtrack CDs for both films are available on Milan Musique.

La Proie
France | 2011 | col | 102 mins | dir. Eric Valette, with Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Sergi López | cert. 15 | in French with English subtitles | Exclusive release Darkly handsome Albert Dupontel (Avenue Montaigne, A Very Long Engagement) plays Frank, a man jailed for robbing a bank to pay for the specialized care his daughter requires. In prison, he defends Maurel, a mild-mannered guy who claims to be falsely accused of murder and rape. When Maurel is released, he wastes no time using knowledge and objects taken from their cell to frame Frank for the series of murders he truly committed. He also abducts Frank’s wife and daughter, forcing Frank to daringly escape to protect his family and prove his own innocence. With Detective Claire Linne on their trail, a brutal, no-holds-barred manhunt ensues in the beautiful mountains and forests of eastern France. At every turn, the hunter is just one step away from becoming the hunted.

The film opens on Friday 13th July through til Thursday 19th July at Institut-Francais at Lumière Cinema in Bloomsbury, London.

Here's the link : http://www.institut-francais.org.uk/films/the-prey